With the relentless advance of miniaturisation and ‘smarter’ AI, technology has never added such convenience to our everyday lives. Although sometimes it can be hard to imagine technology advancing any further in our lifetime, it continues to do just that, and with recent developments, the biggest tech innovations 2013 are paving the way for an exciting future.


Augmented reality has been the stuff of sci-fi movies for decades, and many companies have tried to bring it to life for a while now, but only recently has it had any practical use. Augmented reality devices are usually glasses, the idea is for the user to wear them and then the device blurs the line between reality and computer generated imagery. It is designed to enhance ones perception of reality by essentially adding a HUD found in video games, which can highlight environmental elements.


Although this one is not strictly new in 2013, it has been making major strides this year towards becoming more commercially available to the masses. With 3D printing becoming more cost effective, it will find its way into more homes, allowing new opportunities for home businesses create and print products. We may even see companies embracing the idea of consumers owning their own 3D printer, and instead of resisting change, selling licenses to print a limited number of their products, which could be extremely lucrative for toy or model companies.


This is an ongoing project by internet giants, Google. Autonomous cars were another concept confined to science fiction until recently, the latest developments in sensor technology and more complex operating systems to better work synchronously in order to allow cars to virtually drive themselves. That is not to say there is still much room for fine tuning, however this does help pave the way for a future where machines are operated without the risk of human error.

We are now experiencing a faster growth and advanced rate in technology than ever before, what was once the realm of science fiction is now reality. The huge commercialisation of new technologies will breed a new generation of innovation, and as we march into the future, the boundaries between fantasy and reality will continue to crumble.

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