Bad habits are a part of growing up and many people still maintain various imperfections throughout their adult lives as well. Nose picking, scratching and other forms of fidgeting are still some of the most common natural habits of today. However in this era, there is something else helping to create and encourage a new cocktail of annoying tendencies. This catalyst is modern technology.


The evolution of the internet is one of the biggest reasons for bad habits of today. Video games are becoming more diverse and sophisticated, therefore more interesting and entertaining. Several deaths have been recorded due to overplaying of video games and aside the obvious fact that gamers aren’t getting any exercise, they could also be destroying their eyesight.

In play gambling is giving people an easy and addictive way to squander their cash without even leaving the bed. Applications for gambling platforms like Gala Bingo are available on phones which can be directly connected to a person’s bank account. Internet gambling sites are also advertised on television and radio frequently meaning people are potentially one step away from bankruptcy at almost any time. In play gambling sites are also figuring new ways of luring potential gamblers with the incorporation of bonus credits and other incentives upon registration.


Nowadays there are numerous ways to send a text message to someone and this is having a bad impact on people too. Many people text their friends regardless of the fact they are in the same room, what happened to the good old days of conversation? These same people are probably the suspects who dump their lovers by text instead of face to face. Also with the many social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter that are now readily available, bullying has been given a more diverse playing field. Although there are ways to block irritating people from seeing a profile, bullies are often very cunning and can usually work around this. After all this is not just a classroom anymore, with cyberspace there is more than meets the eye!

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