We are living in the midst of a technological revolution; people are increasingly dependent on technology and technology has been used to boost efficiency and profitability in many industries.

However, this technological change has brought about a huge debate; whether or not jobs are being destroyed in process.


From auto-mobiles to computers, technologies are integrated into many aspects of life and this increased integration has created opportunities for many people. Cars have allowed people to travel great distances to, helping people to overcome job shortages in their own area to find jobs in different towns. Furthermore, the rise of the internet has arguably been one of the main technological changes of this era.

It has created opportunities in terms of creating a vast number of generally high-paying jobs, from web developers and database administrators to network and systems administrators. Finally, the internet has also aided people in finding jobs; from jobs advertised exclusively on the web to jobs such as writing or web designer, which are based entirely online. The technological revolution has arguably created many jobs and provided many opportunities which may have otherwise not been available.


Although technologies have provided opportunities for many people, they have also destroyed many other jobs, including clerical work such as bookkeeping and secretarial work. In the capitalist economy, companies seek to make profit by using the most efficient means and often, technological developments can be more efficient and cheaper than human workers.

As scientists create more inventions, the need for human workers decreases because computer-based inventions can be programmed to do difficult tasks quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, with the increased development of robots, it is likely that even more human jobs will be destroyed, which is highly problematic for the increasing population.

Overall, whilst there are several key advantages of the technological revolution, it is apparent that increasing developments will continue to destroy jobs; especially in the service and industrial sectors. It is important to maintain a balance between profitability and human involvement, so that people still have opportunities.

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