Astronomers have seen for the first time the light from the collision of two black holes. These objects met and merged over 7.5 billion light-years, orbiting a large body of hot, rotating matter, into a large, amazing black hole. This vortex is called an accretion disk, and it rotates on […]

Infectious disease relief funds should provide much-needed scientific research. And we should use those dollars where they can do better. In rural America, distrust of science is relatively high. The ramifications are huge, as rural votes depend on who is chosen for the government and whether their decisions are based […]

New research from the George Institute for Global Health at Oxford University found a gender trend in a research report on COVID-19, meaning that women’s views do not uniformly affect the epidemic response. are Women are underrepresented as authors of research in many scientific areas [1], particularly in the top […]

Develop a research study for the Space Telescope Science Institute (SSSCI), which offers 13 suggestions that will compromise the initial set of scientific observations by the highly anticipated James Webspace Telescope (JWST). ۔ The James WebSpace Telescope is part of NASA’s Next Generation Telescope program, which is set to launch […]