Hurricanes Hurricanes are common across North America, especially in the warmer months. About 10 percent of them become heavy, which means that they produce plows with a diameter of 2.5 cm or more, strong winds with more than 50 knots or hurricanes. Keep going The United States has recently experienced […]

With the help of 3D modeling and machine learning, scientists believe they have solved the secret of small earthquakes that have been orbiting California regularly since early 2016 to early 2019. This is a period of approximately four years. Any natural liquid, such as water or liquid carbon dioxide, is […]

B 44 The murder of Julius Caesar in 44 BC Chr. Marked the beginning of an almost two decades long power struggle, which led to the fall of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. According to historical records, this time was accompanied by strange glasses in […]

Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in Shark Bay are a rare way to get food in Western Australia. They cover the fish in the shell of a large, empty sea snail. Then they take the bowl and bring the fish to the surface and shake it upside down. Silver! Get the fish […]

As the temperature of our planet melts into record-breaking heat, we can expect amazing things from the old past. Like the head of this giant wolf, it has been preserved since the last ice age and was found in Siberia in 2018 under incredible conditions, an estimated 40,000 years after […]