The United States may never know the exact extent of its corona virus infection. New research shows that millions of infections were diagnosed in March, even increasing screenings. The number of current cases in the country is about 2.24 million. But a study published Monday in the journal Science estimates […]

Even when some US states are able to control the spread of their corona virus, the two-month steady progress could be halted if infection rates continue to rise across the country. More than 36,000 new infections were recorded in the United States on Wednesday, the highest number ever recorded. Most […]

From the first reports from Wuhan, Iran and later Italy we knew that losing your smell (anosemia) is an important symptom of the disease. After months of reports with final and stricter clinical results, we now believe that we have a pattern for how the virus can reduce the smell. […]

Recent research shows that widespread use of face masks keeps the coronavirus reproductive rate below 1.0. In combination with lockdown to prevent further waves, new research results suggest this. A model study by the Universities of Cambridge and Greenwich shows that lockdown alone will not stop the restoration of COVID-19. […]

It’s been six months since Kuwaid-19 first appeared in China. More than 700,000 people have been infected with the Cyrus Cove II virus and 400,000 have died – and this number is growing. However, there was a belief among all that scientific research is the golden thread that will lead […]