A telescope with binoculars will be 100 times stronger than parts of the bronze that we never see.

Develop a research study for the Space Telescope Science Institute (SSSCI), which offers 13 suggestions that will compromise the initial set of scientific observations by the highly anticipated James Webspace Telescope (JWST). ۔ The James WebSpace Telescope is part of NASA’s Next Generation Telescope program, which is set to launch in 2021, developed by the Canadian Space Agency, NEA.

JWST will eventually deliver unmatched performance and amazing sensitivity to long-range waves through the mid-infrared range.

The Green Belt of Maryland, Green Belt, NASA’s Warehouse Space Flight Center, senior project scientist for the web telescope, and John Nester Amster talked about the telescope: “To see a list of astronomers’ most interesting objective. Happy. Baleb is excited about the binoculars and the results. We are all amazed at what we find. ”

Telescopic investigations, such as those recorded at remote locations, will facilitate a wide range of solar observations. All of JWST’s equipment that will be used and its incredible capabilities will be fully demonstrated. Expect surprises and beauty.

Obviously, physicists and astronomers are excited and looking forward to using JWST and properly. The level of communication is so high that the SSSCI has been compared to the average which facilitates the average amount of subsidy requests for the initial railway period. “This is a very competitive field,” Nils Reid of the SSSC pointed to fetishism.

Neil Reid also used to say: “The web is six and a half meters. It commands an increase in sensitivity, so it’s really a great area of ​​space. You can illuminate a lot of bright things, even with binoculars. You can do a lot of combat work already. ”

A senior senior project scientist at JSWT also added in the conversation: “To see things information, we need binoculars to collect more light.”

According to Gartner, AFGS owns more benefits than the Hubble Telescope, especially since its larger powers can be traced back to their time, which allows scientists to remotely and demand analysis. Opportunity. The preliminary arrangements are as follows. Another reason for the increasing popularity of JWST is that the operation time is limited, which is potentially a burden.

Reed points out that as is the timeframe, and says: “The limited functionality of the web is primarily fuel. Because it is working individually, why keep all the equipment like this. This is done by not using nitrogen or anything like that. A wall that appears to the sun is basically a binocular shadow. ”

Properly locate the orbit of the telescope to move the sun between different glasses and clear the path that uses rocket fuel. This means that JWST has been operating for at least five years, but the team hopes that at least 10 years of binoculars will prevail.

Short of operation, JVSS is expected to provide new, updated aircraft information.

This, because it is believed, causes many spectrographs to work on infraredgraphs and infrared wavelengths, and causes researchers to write a research letter, which, as previously stated, is “outdated.” “Are.

According to Neil Reid, researchers are now embracing the power of demanding planetary environments that never existed before. The gardener also praised binoculars, and chose a program about nature that forms part of the early railway era that will use the choreography process. Choreography allows scientists to see the characteristics of the winter environment as they stand in front of their stars.

“One of the most interesting things, I think, is that the planet is in the transition of the stars, the light from the stars actually reaches the atmosphere of the planet and the source of our binoculars. When we remove it, we get a good sample of the atmosphere. And determine its seats. ”

Expect more – These are only preliminary plans for JWST and considering that the telescope has been decided to operate for at least a decade, JWST can provide global information and scientific Keep the community at its latest. A day before

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