4 years have passed since the earthquake in California. We can finally know why

With the help of 3D modeling and machine learning, scientists believe they have solved the secret of small earthquakes that have been orbiting California regularly since early 2016 to early 2019. This is a period of approximately four years.
Any natural liquid, such as water or liquid carbon dioxide, is at risk: as new research has shown, it may have injured the barrier in the underground rock with pressure and friction along the fault zone. The balance has been changed and a long series of smaller earthquakes have been caused

The techniques used here could be of crucial importance for understanding and predicting future earthquakes. Large and small earthquakes like the one near Cahwela have involved thousands of people.
Use of the neural network. Weighted AI models that mimic the human brain that its nodes or “neurons” are connected. Ross and his colleagues responded to more than 22,000 seismic events on the order of 0.7 to 4.4. The analysis revealed a complex, narrow fault line in 3D that extends about 8 kilometers down.

The model showed the possible presence of underground deposits that were initially separated from the fault zone before they were triggered by an earthquake and its aftershocks spread. Scouting is only possible through the high-resolution modeling of the team.
The sheep examined here normally do not contain major earthquakes. They are less predictable than large earthquakes, which usually start with a big shock, followed by a gradual decrease in the aftershocks.

What makes this crowd particularly interesting is that it took so long – almost like a slow transformation. Other sheep can live for days, weeks or months. Scientists say it is now collapsing because the liquid has hit an unrecognizable barrier.

The next step is to experiment with modeling techniques in Southern California and elsewhere. Injections of natural fluids may be responsible for more earthquakes, after which seismologists use this technique.

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