As the temperature of our planet melts into record-breaking heat, we can expect amazing things from the old past. Like the head of this giant wolf, it has been preserved since the last ice age and was found in Siberia in 2018 under incredible conditions, an estimated 40,000 years after […]

The fastest object ever made by humans discovered extremely high-energy rogue waves in our sun and recorded the speed of the solar wind that predicts each model. The discovery was neither expected nor easily explained, indicating that there are significant gaps in our understanding of the sun. NASA’s Parker Solar […]

Recent research shows that widespread use of face masks keeps the coronavirus reproductive rate below 1.0. In combination with lockdown to prevent further waves, new research results suggest this. A model study by the Universities of Cambridge and Greenwich shows that lockdown alone will not stop the restoration of COVID-19. […]

It’s been six months since Kuwaid-19 first appeared in China. More than 700,000 people have been infected with the Cyrus Cove II virus and 400,000 have died – and this number is growing. However, there was a belief among all that scientific research is the golden thread that will lead […]

Infectious disease relief funds should provide much-needed scientific research. And we should use those dollars where they can do better. In rural America, distrust of science is relatively high. The ramifications are huge, as rural votes depend on who is chosen for the government and whether their decisions are based […]

New research from the George Institute for Global Health at Oxford University found a gender trend in a research report on COVID-19, meaning that women’s views do not uniformly affect the epidemic response. are Women are underrepresented as authors of research in many scientific areas [1], particularly in the top […]